Essential care for glamorous eyes – this super kit from Lash Perfect has it all.

Lash Care Kit

Retail pack essential for all customers wearing Lash Perfect eyelash extensions. Contains Eye Make Up Remover, Black Mascara and Finishing Glaze.

Ultra Fine Black Eyeliner

Lash Perfect’s Ultra Fine Black Eyeliner is ideal for creating dramatic eyeliner looks. Its fine tip allows for the precise application of the liner, ensuring a flawless look. This product is perfect for use on eyes with lash extensions and those without.

Black Mascara

Lash Perfect’s Black Mascara is specially designed for lash extensions, but is also suitable for natural lashes, giving both a glamorous look. This water soluble, oil-free product will not compromise the lash extension bond. Customers should avoid the use of oil-based or waterproof mascaras while wearing lash extensions.

Finishing Glaze

The oil-free Finishing Glaze seals the adhesive bond of the extension and imparts a gorgeous sheen. This product is ideal to use daily to tame lashes and to add lustre, and what’s more is that there is no need to remove it!

Lift Off Eye Make Up Remover 60ml

The Lash Perfect Lift Off Eye Makeup Remover works quickly and effectively to remove all eye makeup and cleanse the eye area. Its carefully researched oil-free formula leaves skin feeling clean and fresh. This product is suitable for lash extensions and natural lashes.

Lash Perfect Glam Eyes Kit

The Lash Perfect Glam Eyes Kit includes 1x Lash Perfect Cosmetic Bag, 1x Lash Perfect Black Mascara, 1x Lash Perfect Finishing Glaze, 1x Mini Lift-Off Eye Make-Up Remover 15ml, 1x Black Eyeliner and 1x Lash Perfect Cleansing Cloth.

Eyelash Cleansing Cloth

A gentle, reusable and fibre-free cleansing cloth to use for cleaning around the eye area during treatments and as part of your daily cleansing routine! The cloth softens when re-hydrated, and is specially designed to remain bacteria free when dry. This product is compatible with the Eye Make Up Remover and Lift Off.

Luxury Lash Care Kit

The Luxury Lash Care Kit is the perfect pack for all customers wearing Lash Perfect eyelash extensions. Contains 1x Black Mascara, 1x Finishing Glaze, 1x Lift-Off Eye Make Up Remover and 1x Eyelash Cleansing Cloth.

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