Hi Brow is a complete shape, colour and style service for eyebrows and is suitable for every client whatever their age, face shape or image. The Hi Brow treatment is supported by a workstation - an essential part of the client journey is that all the products used in the salon treatment are professional, smartly presented, branded and effective. Hi Brow Professional training and the Professional Salon Workstation will give the technician optimum opportunity to provide the client with a complete treatment journey.

Hi Brow Professional Kit AED 2,900

Approx. 120 treatments profit AED 24,000
Professional wax heater, soft facial wax, brow waxing strips, rose cleanser, freshening rose lotion, brow stix, glass mixing dish, smoothing wax pencil, brow tint in 4 colours, threading thread, brow pen, wax pencil sharpener, camouflage, deluxe scissors, deluxe tweezers, brow tint developer, growth and conditioning serum, professional palette with 4 colours, brow shaping wands. Assortment of disposable application products and range of salon promotional support material. Includes training for one person.

Retail Starter Kit AED 1,700

Approx. profit AED 2,585
2 x Hi Brow dark powder compact, 2 x Hi Brow light brown powder compact, 2 x Hi Brow light grey powder compact,
2 x Hi Brow charcoal powder compact, 3 x growth & conditioning serum for brows & lashes, 3 x smoothing wax pencil.Includes retail and brand training course for multiple staff.

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